My memory might be scrambled; but I feel compelled to respond to your essay, Mystic William. I'm certain that the books by Baird Spaulding you referenced were THE LIFE AND TEACHING OF THE MYSTICS OF THE FAR EAST. In this series of four books, Spaulding recounts his experiences and how certain individuals he encountered had the ability to move instantaneously from one place to another. This is a common belief (experience?) among mystics. It is taught by the Rosicrucians. Spaulding's publisher also published Elvis Presley's favorite book THE IMPERSONAL LIFE. I have read it and it is an inspired book. While not prescribing church attendance and membership in an organization, it teaches how to make direct contact with God - ULTIMATE INTELLIGENCE.

Do not be so quick to call all Theosophists Satanists. The demons you suggest that might live in us have been discussed thoroughly by C.G. Jung.

That being said, I have no doubt: Hillary is a Satanist, an emissary of evil, and her husband is a simple pedophile.

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Mystic William, Think you are on to something. Basics you outline fit reasonably well with what seems to be behind my Refs, in comments to Bailiwick ACIP article, intended to help others become more aware of root causes underlying today’s madness’s.

My current takes -- works in-progress of an amateur -- are that:

* Demise of western nations has been underway for many decades using mind games engineered by Tavistock Institute of Human Relations at behest of “Committee of 300” (with strong connections to secret societies) as revealed in Coleman’s book of same name.

* When combined, communist ideological subversion (and its One World Govt target), noted in my Refs, and C300 activities can be considered main root cause of today’s seemingly disconnected issues, albeit who “useful idiots” are is not always certain.

* Cure, to counter these threats effectively (per KGB defector), is to return America to God and moral standards established by our Founding Fathers in US Constitution (will likely require “we the people” to make our corrupt Congress stop supporting communist subversion in America, through carefully timed and coordinated peaceful protests/recall efforts).

(strangely, “horn sign” you mentioned re Clinton, is also Univ Texas sign for “Hook ‘em Horns” chant)

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I find all of this very fascinating. And more than a bit concerning.

I have a neighbour who very deeply believes in demons and when the conversation veers that way, I start to feel uncomfortable because I’m not really sure I believe in it myself. However, I definitely am open to the possibility that all of this could be true.

Deeply curious about this book that you say we shouldn’t read though. Also curious about this method which might dispel any potential demons that in me. Do you think if a person were possessed by demons they would know, or there would be a way to find out?

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“Let’s call the urge to destroy Satanic. Let’s call the urge to feel exalted Luciferian.”

Thought provoking. Thank you for this essay; apart from the deeply concerning social/political implications, this struck me as a very personal ‘call to action’ in terms of reevaluating my own motives and potential blind spots. Subscribing.

By the way, can you share more about the “Simple Method” that you mention in the article?

Thanks again.

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Very nice ! Yes, USA is the United Satanic America !


It is fallen by design. The departed Black Pope, LaVey, from the First Church of Satan, God forbid, famously chanted "Divided we stand, united we fall ...." !

Your essay, titled Satanic Ignorance, is an air-freshener, it has a positive vibe to it, I love it. Your angle is interesting because Satanism is actually about Experience, starting in the Bible with Adam and Evil, Eve, imparadised, the apple, the snake, hate, maybe love, at first bite, and ending up with us inheriting and enhancing Sin, suffering their fate.

Hellary is a Nutzie in the first place, Hitlery at it, a holocaust, along with Billy Willy Nilly Lewinsky.

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